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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Retail shop design for Artisan Furniture

Last summer vacation, i have planned flag shop design for the Artisan Furniture company in a period of 2 months time.
It is really pratical and interesting . The whole shop was 1600m2 big located in Wenzhou ,and with two floors of furniture including homme series and office series.
Artisan furniture company ,has nearly 20 national chain shop.With nearly 20years of brand operation and market promotion, it has a great reputation for its delicate manufacturing and nice design. This time, the company endeavor to operate a biggest shop in the Wenzhou, for the high taste local consumers and fast-growing decoration market.
As suggeseted ,for a local retailshop, one of the most important factor is to show the furniture style .Though the new designed products , The company tries to tell the local consumers about the trends in 2006-2007 , and strategy of introducing a life style to local users through the new design of the shop in order to push the following sales.

For me ,A huge challenge in the design process is dealing with the relationship between products and space.I have to manage as many furniture series in a limited space as possible ,because the great amount of products can maximum sastisify the consumers' needs for variety .
Another puzzle is how to coordinate with other departments. Adjustments always lead to exhaustion, and tell others my ideas are also sometimes a problem.
Anyway, it was a successful project. Sales stastics latter showed the shop has received well comments as expected.

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