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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

my first design--music vortex

I particpant lots of international design competitions recently,~~~~this is the first piece of my design ,called music vortex. It received 3rd prize of the soundbox competition held by 3nod last year ,while I gained confidence and passion in design ~~~haha


Samuel said...

hey,I'm a editor of and I wanna post your design in our website to introduce it to many people, is there any problem about copyright? IF it is, please feel free to contact me ( And I have translate your Chinese name into 张超然, is it right?If not, please contact me, I will correct it.

Thank you

Samuel said...

Hey, superman, I've puglished a post about your design. You can check it out from :

If you have any opinion, just leave a comment or send me a email via

Thank you very much

eric is superman said...

Hey ,i am really appreciated for posting my design~I viewed your website~pretty nice~
By the way, My Chinese name is 郑超然~~

Thanks ~~

Schepop said...

Nice blog!

Trickyelf said...

OK, but where do I buy one???

Undo said...

nice work there !
is this music vortex up for sale yet or it's just a concept ?

all the best !